ASR Group’s Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery Celebrates 100th Year of Operation and Relighting of Sustainably Restored Sign

Domino Sugar Sign Lighting 2021 MF

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On July 4, 2021, ASR Group was thrilled to celebrate the relighting of the Baltimore Refinery’s iconic “Domino Sugars” sign, which recently underwent a large-scale, sustainable restoration as well as mark the 100th year of operation of our Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery.

“For nearly 70 years, the ‘Domino Sugars’ sign has lit the Baltimore skyline as an icon to locals, a beacon to travelers, an inspiration to artists and a symbol our refinery is thriving,” said Vice President of Corporate Engineering Rich Baker. “In our 100th year in Baltimore, there can be no better way to recommit ourselves to the City than by restoring the sign and making sure that it shines for many decades into the future.” 

The Baltimore Refinery has been an economic engine for the city and a proud part of its South Baltimore community since 1922. 

During the restoration, we removed the sign’s deteriorated letters and border, which had been battered by the elements for 70 years, repaired the sign’s steel piers, repainted the entire support structure and installed eco-friendly lighting. The sign’s reproduction letters and border feature state-of-the-art LED lighting that saves more than 33,000 kWh of electricity per year and reduces more than 23 metric tons of CO2. A photovoltaic array of 76 solar panels on one of the refinery’s administration buildings produces more clean, renewable energy each year than is needed to power the sign. 

On the night of the relighting, neighbors and visitors along the city’s waterfront were treated to a light display on the façade of the sign, a laser graphics display on the refinery’s bin tower and fireworks over the harbor. The sign was then relit by the refinery’s longest-serving employee, laboratory analyst Charlotte Hardy, who has worked at the plant for more than 52 years.

“In addition to our beautifully restored sign, tonight is also a celebration of the pursuit of the American dream,” said Baltimore Refinery Manager Coricka White. “For 100 years, generation after generation has worked hard in the refinery buildings behind me, earned good wages, and raised and educated their children. We are proud this tradition continues to this day, and we are committed to continuing to provide good paying jobs right here in Baltimore City for generations to come.”

Baltimore Refinery Relights "Domino Sugars" Sign