Special-Edition C&H® Sugar Packets Celebrate our Crockett Community

C&H Sugar Crockett Sugar Packets

The C&H® Sugar Crockett Refinery is showing its hometown pride through a series of sugar packets that celebrate our Crockett, California community. Our employees delivered free cases of the sugar packets to restaurants, coffee shops and organizations in town. 

On one side of each sugar packet is a rendering of our iconic “C and H Pure Cane Sugar” sign. The other side features one of eight Crockett landmarks, including some of the community buildings we own and to which we allow public access, such as the Old Homestead and the Crockett Museum. 

“We’ve been proud to invest in our hometown since 1906,” said Crockett Refinery Manager Hitesh Modgil. “These investments have ranged from infrastructure projects throughout the 20th century to landscaping and beautification projects that continue to this day. We’re committed to continuing to support our community, which we’re happy to celebrate through our special-edition sugar packets.”

Our support for our hometown also takes the form of charitable donations to strengthen nonprofit organizations and schools. For example, at John Swett High School, which is featured in one of the sugar packet designs, we started and continue to fund a scholarship program for students interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing. 

Our philanthropic support also spans beyond the institutions depicted on the sugar packets. We are proud to support numerous local nonprofits, including the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, the Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC), the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District and many more. We also sponsor the Crockett Chamber of Commerce’s annual Sugartown Festival and family-friendly Oktoberfest.

The Crockett Refinery provides family-sustaining jobs to more than 540 people. Twenty-five vessels a year deliver more than 750,000 tons of raw sugar to the plant, where it is refined at a rate of approximately 6 million pounds per day and made into more than 100 grades and package sizes of sugar products. 

Crockett Refinery Sugar packets
Left to right: GDP Amanda Broemmer; Packaging Engineer Roshan Kudva; Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor Stephanie Seliski; and Reliability Engineer Nathaniel Araujo delivered free cases of the special-edition sugar packets to restaurants, coffee shops and organizations in town.