New Silos at Baltimore Refinery Quadruple Finished Sugar Storage Capacity

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Four new finished sugar silos at ASR Group’s Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery – one of the largest capital investments in the plant’s 101-year history – are now operational, adding 14 million pounds of additional finished sugar storage and fundamentally improving our customer service. 

To mark the occasion, employees gathered for a ribbon cutting at the base of the new state-of-the-art facility.

“The new silos will not only ensure we deliver service excellence to our customers, they will improve the operational excellence of the entire facility,” said Mickey Seither, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Planning.

Finished sugar is brought to and from the new silos on conveyors through a bridge connected to the existing 12-story bin tower. The increased finished sugar storage – which quadruples our previous capacity – will help us better absorb swings in supply and demand and provide greater reliability. The extra capacity has positive impacts in other areas, including reducing our energy and water usage.

The final touch added to the silos was color-changing LEDs on the south elevation, something our residential neighbors requested. The color will be changed for holidays and other events.

The Baltimore Refinery can produce up to six million pounds of sugar per day. The plant employs more than 550 people and supports an additional 125 through trucking, terminal operations, cargo handling and ship piloting.