Sidul Açúcares’ Lisbon Refinery is Portugal's largest sugar refinery with a capacity of more than 300,000 metric tons of sugar per year and is the leading sugar supplier in Portugal. Sidul® offers white pure cane sugar as well as a variety of sugars including granulated, caster, icing, light sugar and jam sugar. 

Sidul® was established in March 1909 as the first sugar company in Portugal, located in Lisbon, with its inauguration chaired by King Manuel II of Portugal. The brand name Sidul® appeared in 1950, associated with soft white sugar for the industrial market.




In 1990, Sidul® merged with Sores, and four years later, the sugar refining operations were concentrated into the current site.The Sidul® brand is also sold in Iberian markets in the grocery, industrial and food service channels. 

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